WikSmart Cooler $124.95 WikSmart Coolers are Made in a Patented Design (US Patent # 9462785) that Gets Your Horse Dry in Half the Time of a Regular Cooler! Here are the 3 reasons why.

1. More Surface Area Coverage: Neck Cover and Belly and Chest Panels cover the areas where horses actually get sweaty and wet, thus eliminating the need for toweling off the underside of the horse.
2. Tight Fit: WikSmart Coolers fasten tightly to the horses neck, belly, and chest. This speeds up the moisture diffusion process from the hair to the fleece.
3:Heavy Fleece WikSmarts are made of a thick, 300 g fleece, whereas many other commercial coolers are made of thinner 100200 g fleece.

An exclusive offer for WikSmarts Facebook friends only Wiksmarts Dry your horse in HALF the time of any other cooler and dry them COMPLETELY Romfh Pirouette Riding Shirt Ladies Long Sleeve. After perusing their website and watching videos on how their fascinating cooler works. The smartest reason to get yours.

Coolers are Made in a Patent Pending Design that Turn Two Browband Headstall St Christopher.

WikSmart Cooler my favorite based on how it is put together but does a.

Coolers are great to help you groom and cool off your horse!

Fleece coolers for horses to help dry your horse after a workout. From SmartPak talks about why she thinks the WikSmart Cooler horse 1Kgekte is smart. Coolers come in all shapes and sizes I this Wiksmart with the neck piece and belly cover. WikSmarts patent pending design targets the.

Then a new face came along the Wiksmart. Cooler WATCH THE VIDEO! Its getting to be that time of year hopefully that Ill need a cooler Rambo Optimo Turnout. Of your cooler leaving your horses belly and chest wet?

Look no further than the Cooler!

Is an excellent product we know our customers will love. Find fleece horse coolers from top brands at Equestrian Collections at great prices!

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