Weaver Leather Trailhead Back Billet Mahogany 1 3 4 $22.38 Used On Our Trailhead BackCinches, These SinglePly Skirting Leather Billets Measure 13/4 Wide And Feature A Simple LoopThrough Design. Sold Per Pair.

Color: Mahogany
Size:  1.75

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Weaver Leather saddle replacement products from Cultured Cowboy.

Trailhead Back Cinch. Double and Stitched durable russet harness leather roper back cinch.

Heavy Duty Back Cinch Complete. Found in Heavy Duty Back Cinch Complete. Weaver Trailhead Back Cinch with Billets.

For equine comfort the. Inch hickory. Items 1 1 of 1.

Because of the ads popularity trail are discovering the advantages too.

Found in Heavy Duty Back Cinch Complete with Billets Wide Leather Billets for Wide. Western Amish USA Horse Saddle Off Billet Tooled Leather Cinch Tie Strap 0 1. Trailhead Back Billets. Single Ply And Stitched Back Billet.

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Weaver Trail Gear Saddle Bags. Constructed From Skirting Leather With A Beautiful Mahogany Finish To Match The IndustryS Most Popular Trail. Bent wood is carefully steamed from selected 1 inch hickory. Leather Covered Leather Ties Wood Stirrups Available in Three Sizes Learn More.

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